Association of Classified Employees

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Association of Classified Employees




Mission Statement

The Association of Classified Employees (ACE), an officially recognized organization for classified employees at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), is dedicated to the following:

  • Support the mission, goals and objectives of the Colorado School of Mines.
  • Facilitate effective communication between the Association's membership and the CSM Community.
  • Promote a campus spirit of mutual cooperation and respect.
  • Promote the highest degree of professionalism within the Association's membership and support activities to enhance professional performance.
  • Recognition of Association members for outstanding contributions to CSM and the Community at-large.


ACE in the Hole Funds

ACE has an Emergency Assistance Fund that was established through fundraising by ACE members several years ago.  This fund, affectionately termed the "ACE in the Hole Fund" is for use by Classified emplyees who find themselves "in the hole" at any point.  Classified employees can submit an application to the ACE Council for an Emergency Assistance Grant.  Further explanation and the application form can be downloaded here

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Classified Employees Serving on CSM Committees

Student Conduct Appeals Committee - Barbara Schellenberger (term ends May 2018) and Kayla Boster (term ends May 2017)  Meets as needed

University Safey Committee - Mike Galindo (term ends May 2017) and David Frossard (term ends May 2018)  Meets 2X a semester

Calendar Committee - Susan Potter (term ends May 2019)

Sustainability - Caroline Fuller (term ends May 2018)

For a complete description of each committee, please see Section 12 of the Mines Faculty Handbook.  Link

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For more information about committees contact



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